A benefits portfolio that engages and evolves

At Trustmark, we support the future success of companies and their employees by continually evolving our benefits portfolio. We help clients stay ahead of trends in the industry by integrating technology and new approaches into our products, while relying on our long-term perspective, and deep expertise in our areas of benefit specialties. 

Individuals and Families

We help employees achieve greater physical, emotional and financial wellbeing:

  • Voluntary benefits give you comfort and peace of mind of knowing you have financial protection when you need it most.
  • Wellbeing programs help you choose better, feel better and improve your wellbeing. 
  • Medical coverage with freedom of choice in healthcare providers nationwide for plans with and without PPO network access, along with tools to help navigate the complex healthcare system.
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Employers and Organizations

We help employers provide smarter benefits that attract and retain employees, improve productivity and lower costs.
We understand your goals and offer solutions that meet your business needs and engage your employees:

  • Self-funding products for companies with 10 or more employees allows employers to control plan costs with opportunity for a refund if actual claims are lower than funded. 
  • Voluntary benefits that increase employee satisfaction while bolstering their financial security
  • Wellbeing solutions that enable and empower employees to improve their health..
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Agents and Brokers

We help brokers and consultants provider a broader range of creative solutions to their client. We back that up with high-touch service for their clients, and their employees and families, every step of the way:

  • Comprehensive health plan designs, wellness and fitness programs and voluntary benefits designed to build employee engagement, improve health and increase financial security.
  • Long-lasting relationships based on mutual respect.
  • Sales and Marketing support to help build your expertise and client base.
  • Personal service that has set Trustmark apart since 1913..
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