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We educate, engage and empower. That’s how we help people like you go beyond health to wellness, beyond financial security to lifelong well-being.

Valuable Financial Protection from Trustmark Voluntary Benefit Solutions

We help you live your story, your way.

Illness, injury and uncovered medical expenses are leading causes of personal bankruptcy in the U.S. Our supplemental (or voluntary) benefits are designed to help with expenses due to an unexpected event such as a cancer diagnosis, heart attack, disability or trip to the emergency room.
Voluntary benefits can give you the comfort and peace of mind of knowing you have financial protection when you need it most.

Life Insurance

Trustmark Life insurance helps shield you from financial hardship if you or your spouse are suddenly out of the picture. Learn more

Accident Insurance

Accidents happen. And when they do, it’s good to know you have help to manage the unexpected bills that come with them. Learn more

Critical Illness Insurance

Trustmark Critical Illness insurance can help provide immediate financial relief from expenses associated with a serious illness, such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer. Learn more

Disability Insurance

Trustmark Disability Income insurance can help protect your financial security by replacing part of your paycheck when you are disabled and unable to work. Learn more

Trustmark Voluntary Benefit Solutions products are underwritten by Trustmark Insurance Company.

Gary Powell’s story is a powerful reminder about the value of trusted financial protection. And what truly personal service means to a family beyond the payment of a claim.

Interested in how to purchase voluntary benefits?

Simply speak with your human resources department and ask them to talk to their benefits consultant about Trustmark. Our products are offered through an employer as part of the benefit plan and are not sold directly to individuals. Learn more.

Wellness Programs and Fitness Centers from HealthFitness

Healthy habits help you get and stay on the right track.

It’s all about taking one small step at a time. We help you set goals. And we help you gain the satisfaction of achieving them.
We help you go beyond good health to greater well-being.
  • Health screenings that give you information you need.
  • A health coach who listens to your goals. Who helps you make real progress. And who cheers your successes.
  • Innovative, personalized wellness programs that motivate and inspire.
  • Fitness centers filled with the right equipment and staffed with friendly, expert trainers.
  • A culture of workplace well-being. Where coworkers participate and support each other in following the path to living well.

BioVia, HealthFitness' health management product suite, makes health behavior change simple, social and more. Learn what else is possible through our innovative product suite for employer and health plan clients.

Interested in creating a culture of health at your workplace?  

Simply speak with your human resources department and ask them to talk to their benefits consultant about Trustmark and our subsidiary, HealthFitness. Our products are offered through an employer and are not sold directly to individuals.