More than basic benefits.

The building blocks to a good life are health, happiness and financial security. Our programs and products are designed to help you reach your goals.

Our products are offered through employers as part of a benefits plan, so ask your Human Resources department to contact their benefits consultant for a proposal from Trustmark. Our products are not sold directly to individuals. 

Valuable Financial Protection

We help you plan for all of life’s unexpected events with our voluntary coverage.

  • Universal Life insurance — Trustmark’s Universal Life insurance is one of the top sold in the country. It gives you a safety net to continue caring for your loved ones even if you’re not around, and offers additional benefits such as long term care protection.
  • Critical Illness insurance — Award winning Critical HealthEvents insurance is designed with a refreshing proactive approach to your well-being and provides benefits when they are needed most.
  • Disability insurance — Your income is one of your most valuable assets. Trustmark’s Income Protection insurance helps protect you and your family from financial hardship by replacing part of your income if you are unable to work due to a disability.
  • Accident insurance — We help protect you and your family by focusing our accident protection and paying more for the ten types of accidents you’re most likely to experience.
File a Claim

Policy Questions: email or call 800.918.8877

Claims Questions: email or call 877.201.9373
Monday - Thursday 6 am to 7pm CT, Friday 6 am to 6pm CT.
If you have already started a claim, please contact your claims professional directly.

Trustmark Voluntary Benefit Solutions products are underwritten by Trustmark Insurance Company and Trustmark Life Insurance Company of New York. Trustmark® is a registered trademark of Trustmark Insurance Company. 

Find out what makes Trustmark Voluntary Benefit Solutions different.

Interested in how to purchase voluntary benefits?

Simply speak with your human resources department and ask them to talk to their benefits consultant about Trustmark. Our products are offered through an employer as part of the benefit plan and are not sold directly to individuals. Learn more.

Wellbeing Programs

As your trusted partner, we make sure our wellbeing toolbox is abundant with the right people, programs and technology to enable and empower employees to improve their health.

  • Health screenings and assessments with easy-to-understand, actionable results.
  • A health coach who listens to your goals, helps you make real progress and cheers your successes.
  • Innovative, personalized wellness programs that motivate and inspire.
  • Fitness centers filled with the right equipment and staffed with caring, expert trainers.
  • Engagement platform that connects you to health and wellness programs.
  • Injury prevention and treatment programs designed to create a safe workplace. 

Meet Katie, a HealthFitness health coach:

Interested in creating a culture of health at your workplace?  

Simply speak with your human resources department and ask them to talk to their benefits consultant about Trustmark and our subsidiary, HealthFitness. Our products are offered through an employer and are not sold directly to individuals.

Medical Coverage with Freedom of Provider Choice

Starmark serves employees of small to mid-size groups, offering plan designs nationwide with and without PPO network access, along with tools to help control healthcare spending. Healthcare decisions are tough, that’s why Starmark provides health and wellness programs, cost-saving options and educational materials to empower you to be a savvy consumer of healthcare.
Starmark provides programs and services to help you stay healthy and control healthcare costs, including:
  • Nurseline services
  • Maternity programs
  • Care advocacy
  • Fair price transparency and quality metrics tool
  • Second opinion services
  • Telemedicine doctor consultations by phone and video
  • Health and wellness program and tools

Small group self-funded plans are administered by Star Marketing & Administration, Inc. (Starmark), and stop-loss insurance coverage is provided by Trustmark Life Insurance Company.

Learn how Starmark helps you customize benefits to meet your needs.

Learn more about Starmark.

Experts at Administering Self-Funded Benefit Plans

CoreSource crafts flexible, integrated, and tailored health benefit plans for mid-size to larger employers. Our mission is to empower you to be a more confident, informed healthcare consumer to help improve your health and save you money on healthcare. As the benefit administrator of your health benefit plan, we’re always thinking about you.
With CoreSource, you can access:
  • Friendly, responsive customer service
  • An easy-to-use self-service portal
  • A mobile app for access on the go
  • Mobile messages with tips to help you maximize your plan

Self-funded plans administered by CoreSource, Inc. CoreSource® is a registered trademark of CoreSource, Inc.

With CoreSource, you don’t have to compromise.

Learn more about CoreSource.