Trustmark In the News

Trustmark media coverage includes numerous articles and interviews in benefit and insurance news outlets.

October 2018: BenefitsPro

From aligning with current medical practices to offering quicker payments, Trustmark Senior Director of Product and Innovation Pam Handmaker shares 5 ways to increase the value of a health insurance policy. 

September 2018: Broker Innovation Lab

Starmark Sales Consultant Darick Bradford offers three reasons why self-funding is a great option for smaller companies in a Broker Innovation Lab article. 

September 2018: TalentCulture

August 2018: EBN

August 2018: BenefitsPro

Trustmark recently conducted research on the need to connect with consumers on an emotional level rather than placing the emphasis on facts and figures. Vice President of Sales & Marketing Dan Johnson provides an overview of key research findings in articles featured in TallentCulture, EBN and BenefitsPro.

August 2018: Rough Notes

CoreSource Director Dave Kapustka shares three tips for reducing employees' healthcare-related financial stress in a Rough Notes article. 

July 2018: BenefitsPro

June 2018: BenefitsPro

Vice President of Sales & Marketing Dan Johnson was interviewed by BenefitsPro for an article series on  voluntary benefits -  "The evolution of voluntary: Finding the best fit" and "Voluntary benefits: How they've become a must-have product for brokers."

June 2018: BenefitsPro

June 2018: EBA

Trustmark recently took part in research on what drives purchasing decisions and found several key drivers for millennials when it came to life insurance. Regional Sales Directors Cy Moser and Mike Dahlinger offer insight and perspective in articles featured in BenefitsPro and EBA.

June 2018: Broker World

Critical illness insurance has evolved along with changes in the industry. Senior Director of Product and Innovation Christin Kuretich explains why we now need to change the way we describe critical illness insurance in a Broker World article.

May 2018: BenefitsPro

Given the complicated nature of modern health care, and the ramifications of poor decisions, brokers and employers need to help members make the best decisions possible. Joanne McGowan, vice president, customer experience & strategy and Robert Wolfkiel, region president for the Northeast, of CoreSource, a Trustmark company, share "3 ways to foster accountability through engagement" in BenefitsPro. 

March 2018: Workforce Magazine

Ann Wyatt, vice president, program management & engagement with HealthFitness, a Trustmark company, was interviewed by Workforce magazine as part of its Sector Report:  Is Wellness Just an Employee Perk? She shares how today's wellness programs now focus on the wellbeing of the entire employee and are good for business. 

March 2018: EBN

Each year, employers lose an average of $255 in productivity to presenteeism. Steve Horvath,  vice president of product and marketing strategy for CoreSource, a Trustmark company, provides insight on presenteeism and three ways to reduce it and improve productivity, in an EBN article. 

February 2018: BenefitsPro

Workplace injuries cost employers nearly $60 billion a year, and nearly three million on-the-job injuries occur each year. Nicole Chaudet, executive director, product execution at HealthFitness, a Trustmark company, shares "5 reasons to consider an injury-prevention and treatment program" in BenefitsPro. 

January 2018: TalentCulture

January 2018: HR Dive

HealthFitness conducted research demonstrating how organizations' on-site fitness centers helped them stay competitive. Vice President, Program Management & Engagement Ann Wyatt offers an overview of the findings in TalentCulture and HR Dive articles.