Tanja Madsen Selected to Attend International Council on Active Aging "Think Tank" Forum in Washington, D.C.

Joins 60 Global Leaders Participating to Brainstorm Challenges Facing Today's Active Aging Industry
2016  As a respected thought leader within the aging industry, HealthFitness Director, Product Management Tanja Madsen will attend the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) Forum May 4, 2016, in Washington, D.C. The bi-annual forum brings together thought leaders from health care, wellness and technology organizations to discuss pressing issues facing the ever-evolving “active aging” industry.

Launched more than 10 years ago, the meeting forges connections among industry leaders while promoting understanding and cohesive action around the ultimate goal: health and quality of life as people age. The forum is also dedicated to forming a think tank to develop strategies that will turn the challenges facing senior living providers into opportunities.
“Today’s employers have a golden opportunity to embrace employee well-being at every age to build morale, increase retention and advance the overall health and productivity of their employee population,” says Madsen. “And as a result, employers that value older workers and support and enhance worker health and total well-being will turn a potential threat (a higher chronic disease cost burden) into an opportunity.”
“Active aging means living your life to its fullest—no matter your age. As an organization that’s mission is to make this goal achievable for all adults over the age of 50 around the world, the opportunity to have the top minds in the industry together in one room is an important moment for us, “ said Colin Milner, CEO of ICAA. “We use these sessions to set our priorities and problem solve on behalf of the industry to achieve our goals to change the way we age for the better.”
The theme for this session is focused on the future of technology for active aging and will explore how technology will impact wellness environments, services, staff and customer expectations, engagement and outcomes.
About Tanja Madsen
A veteran of health education and health management product development, Tanja Madsen is director of product management for HealthFitness. A certified health educator, Tanja works with a team that includes registered dietitians, health educators, exercise physiologists, and behavior change experts who are responsible for the development and management of national programs to improve population health.
About HealthFitness
HealthFitness, a Trustmark company, is an award-winning, URAC- and NCQA accredited provider of health management, corporate fitness and condition management solutions. With nearly 40 years of experience, HealthFitness is a proven leader and partner for infusing a culture of health. We maximize client results through personalized interaction and a science-based approach to on-site program management, engagement and prevention. Parent company Trustmark provides a full spectrum of employee benefits to improve well-being through better health and greater financial security. For more information on HealthFitness, visit www.healthfitness.com.
About the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA)
ICAA, a professional association that leads, connects and defines the active-aging industry, supports professionals who develop wellness facilities, programs and services for adults over 50. The association is focused on active aging—an approach to aging that helps older adults live life as fully as possible within all dimensions of wellness—and provides its members with education, information, resources and tools.