A new approach to engaging the disengaged in health management


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.Persona™, HealthFitness’ new behavior model, applies the strengths of science to help individuals take steps to health improvement and long-term change

Research pegs the typical participation rate in employer-based corporate wellness programs at only 20 percent. This means, on average, 80 percent of eligible employees choose not to engage.1

Finding a solution to the engagement quandary holds the promise of moving many more individuals toward healthier lifestyles—and saving employers and health plans billions of dollars in preventable health care expenditures.

The quest for broader engagement is at the heart of Persona™—a new model for engagement developed by HealthFitness’ Chief Medical and Wellness Officer Dennis Richling, M.D.
In a typical employee population, Richling’s experience shows only 15 percent is motivated and ready to change their unhealthy behaviors. Meanwhile, low motivation is a barrier to healthy change for about 65 percent of the population—the 30 percent lacking healthy behaviors, plus the 35 percent with unhealthy behaviors.

Persona is a proprietary behavior change model that integrates two different approaches to change—behavioral analysis and the transtheoretical model—in a unique way. By doing so, Persona personalizes the approach to an individual’s needs and motivation to yield better engagement in long-term change.

“What is revolutionary in the HealthFitness approach is that we see two motivational levers where historically, for many organizations, there was only one,” Richling said. “We use the first lever to stop unhealthy behavior, and the second to make new, healthy behaviors easier to do.”

To learn more about how Persona increases employee engagement, download HealthFitness’ issue brief, “Engaging the disengaged: Activating health management behavior.”

1 Mattke, S., Schnyer, C., & Van Busum, K. U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, (2012). A review of the U.S. workplace wellness market. RAND Health.

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